What is Home Staging? 

It is a highly effective marketing tool and proven real estate strategy used by savvy home sellers and real estate professionals who want to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. It is an art of preparing and packaging a home, which becomes a product when selling.  It is much more than cleaning, de-personalizing and editing.  What it is not…is decorating.  Decorating is personal.  It is about maximizing the selling features, minimizing objections for buying, and appealing to the target demographic of buyers.

Why don’t I just try out the market for awhile and if it doesn’t sell, then consider staging?

It is very tempting to do just this as there is an investment of time, effort and money required to stage; however, it is important to remember that the most buyer traffic will come through a home in the first two weeks. The longer a property sits on the market, the lower the perceived value.  According to Zillow.com the average price reduction is 1% of a home’s list price per month to a maximum of 9% for homes under $2 million and for homes over this, it goes up dramatically to 14%. Listing your home before properly preparing it can be a very costly gamble.  You have the most control over your price, before you list.

How much does it cost?

Staging is an investment that is much less than the first price reduction and often less than a month’s carrying costs.  It is a short term investment that gives a long term gain. According to HomeGain 2012 survey, Home Staging offers a 196% return on investment.  In many cases a dramatic makeover can be achieved without spending a lot of money with re-arranging what you have. Try the handy “Home Staging Savings Calculator” (found on our Resources page) to see what money you can save by staging .  On average people will spend 1-3% of value of property to prepare and stage their property for sale.

 Why should I hire a home stager?

As home sellers it is difficult to see our own place from a buyers’ perspective. We are emotionally attached to our home and our things, which make it hard to be objective about the condition and décor.  So when preparing for sale we can miss crucial elements a professional stager is trained to look for, that can often deter a buyer from making an offer.  DIY home staging may be something that you may want to do, and we can assist you with our Market Ready Consult Report, but why gamble with your largest financial investment  when a trained professional with proven results, who does this full time, can offer you results to outshine your competition.  Remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Why choose Feels Like Home 2 Me?

Our consultants and property stylists are trained, experienced, insured and have a proven track record of successful staging jobs with average days on market: for Toronto jobs less than 7 days, and G.T.A jobs less than 25 days, on average  Staging is an investment, and we offer quality work and strive to exceed our client’s expectations.  Please visit our “About” page for more details.


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