Feels Like Home 2 Me is in the Houzz!

06 Dec Feels Like Home 2 Me is in the Houzz!

I don’t know if you love Houzz like I do?  I have been a huge Houzz fan for several years now, and it has been my “go to” place to get visual inspiration and product information for design and decorating of my own home,  as well as a great way to keep on top of latest design trends and source out information for my home staging and decorating clients.  It is an absolutely fabulous resource, and has been an invaluable tool, especially with the iPad app, that I often use during decorating consultations.

So what exactly is Houzz?  Houzz.com describes it as a “collaborative platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual platform.”  If you haven’t had a chance to visit, make sure when you do, you have some time, because you will be drawn right in!

So I was very excited when I received the invitation to attend the Houzz event in Toronto at S.O.F.A., and as you can see I made it!  What an incredible event.  Cheryl Tiegs (aka super model) introduced the event and said many people are in awe of super models,  but she is in awe of of all of us and what we do.  Looking around the very well attended event I felt in awe  as well, so many creative dynamic people.

This event was to promote Houzz and encourage designer, decorators, stagers… to develop a profile and get involved in the visual dialogue.  Feels Like Home 2 Me has been developing our profile for a while and looks forward to you visiting us there, where you will find pictures of some of our work as well as “Idea Books” we have developed.  You can create idea books too and start cataloguing images that appeal to you,  you may even discover a certain style that you are leaning towards that may be different than you first thought!

You can connect here :http://www.houzz.com/pro/flh2m/__public ~ come visit and follow us!

Have fun in the Houzz!



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