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Vacant Staging~

Even the most beautifully built/renovated vacant properties can  leave buyers feeling emotionally unattached and questioning the function, size and use of the rooms.  Model homes have been selling new builds for many years for these very reasons. Without any furnishing, buyers will move pretty quickly through a viewing; however fully staged, will linger more, which is always advantageous when selling. Vacant spaces can also draw attention to any small  imperfection in the home, with the eye going to these instead of the great selling features. With only 10% of people able to visualize the potential of a space,  vacant properties leave 90% of potential buyers not seeing the full value of the home.  Properties that are staged sell for more than their vacant competition and up to 70% faster.  In fact our Feels Like Home 2 Me staged vacant properties have sold over asking price (107-121%) within a week.  With the full staging package of rental inventory, staging services and delivery fees being , on average, less than 1% of list price of a property, that is a substantial return on your investment!

Whether you have an investment property, model home, rental units, estate sale, relocation, or have moved from your home, staging your vacant Toronto, Greater Toronto property, is a great short term investment that offers a high return.  Carrying costs alone can add up with longer days on the market. Our staging stats demonstrate that our vacant staging speciality can be a great benefit to you.

What is next?  Contact us here or by phone (416-669-2335) to set up a vacant estimate appointment.

Feels Like Home 2 Me will come out to view the property, take notes, measurements and photos and prepare a staging proposal, which can be emailed within 48 hours.

We specialize in Vacant Home Staging and are qualified and experienced in handling luxury properties, open concept spaces, awkward layouts, large and small spaces.  We have a great team of professionals and  beautiful inventory of rental art, accessories, lighting and furniture to create the wow factor for your vacant space.

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Occupied Staging~


We will walk through your property with you, analyzing each room from a buyer’s perspective, and then create an action plan to get your house market ready.

Feels Like Home 2 Me offers Two Consultation options…

1)  Walk and Talk:   Home owners walk through with a certified stager, taking their own notes during the assessment of their home. We provide a comprehensive form for your convenience. During the 1.5-2 hour (minimum) consultation valuable information is shared by the staging consultant creating a list of recommendations that may include:  minor repairs, cost effective updating, paint colour(s) to help sell and coordinate with fixed elements in your home, editing suggestions, organization, cleaning and curb appeal.  All recommendations are made with a view to a high return on your investment. A priority list will be reviewed at the end of the consultation. Helpful checklists will be included with each consultation package. We will provide solutions to work with your budget, timeline and available resources.  Investment starts at only $250 + h.s.t.

2)   DIY Market Ready Report:  For the DIY home seller, who has ample time to invest in preparing their property for sale and would like to do it all themselves.  In this consultation we will conduct the same detailed analysis of your home as above, but here we will take notes, photos and prepare a detailed report which will be emailed to you within 2-5 days. For real estate agents offering this as part of their listing package, a copy of the full report will be emailed to you as well.  On site consultation segment to take approx. 1 hour.  This comprehensive report includes everything offered in the walk and talk, as well as suggestions for strategic placement of furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories.  Investment starts at only $500 + h.s.t.

 Attention Realtors®~ ask us about our “Loyalty Partner Special Rate”

  Staging Showcasing

Completing the 3-Step Process is what really attracts buyers to put an offer in. This final step is where our team of certified/insured stagers will return to your home, after all of the recommendations have been completed, and transform it within a day, giving it that “wow factor”, creating a look that today’s buyers are looking for, using proven real estate staging techniques that hi light the selling features as well as lifestyle selling techniques that appeal to the target buyer’s emotions.  We will prepare a proposal for the package of your choice.

Feels Like Home 2 Me offers Three Showcasing Packages…

1)  “Speed Staging”:   This is a great option for home sellers who have up to date furnishings, lighting  and décor items that only need assistance with editing, lay out, placement of artwork and accessorizing to high light selling features and create the “wow factor” needed for selling.   Using all of your stuff with our staging service.  After recommendations from consult are completed we can come back and stage to get your home ready for MLS photos and showings. (2 hour minimum)

2)  *Accessorize That:  This is like “speed staging”, but where some additional lighting, artwork and decorative accessories are needed, working with the majority of your up to date, properly scaled furniture.  A proposal for  staging will include staging services and rental and/or shopping service, and delivery charges.  (2 hour minimum)

3)  *Full Staging:  Using as much of what the home seller has as possible, Feels Like Home 2 Me will bring any additional furniture, lighting, artwork and decorative accessories needed to create the “wow factor” look to help your listing standout, using life style selling techniques which will hi light the selling features of your home and create emotional connections for buyers.  A proposal for  staging will include staging services, delivery and rental charges. (half day/4 hour minimum)


Prices vary depending on number of rooms, scope of work, and if any rental of furniture & accessories are needed.  


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