Occupied Staging Enhancement

09 Dec Occupied Staging Enhancement

  1. We can enhance what you already have to create a home the target buyers will love with a lifestyle they aspire to! Staging is marketing and in order to market your property, considering how it will present online in photos is key. This often is a very different perspective than how we live in our homes. Drawing eyes to focal points, lightening up the space and helping buyers see how they can live in each key room is all apart of marketing. Often only simple enhancements are needed to achieve this effect. As this example demonstrates, the owners of this Mississauga home had great, well scale pieces to use to show case their living room. We loved the collage of art that they had created, which is very on trend in design now. The collage did not overtake the room, was neutral and definitely a keeper for staging this room. We wanted to draw buyers eyes to the fireplace  which is a great selling feature. With an impactful mirror and symmetrical placement of our tables and lamps, it is now the star of this room! We also brought in an area rug, coffee table, and some accessories to complete the showcasing of this space. Here is the “before”.

    Here is a side by side view

As you can see, small changes can make a big difference. With the staging enhancements Feels Like Home 2 Me completed, this house is ready for MLS photos and buyers! Outcome: well received, as this Mississauga house SOLD in 4 days, over asking price!

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