Occupied Staging Transformations


29 Sep Occupied Staging Transformations

Many of our home staging clients contact us as and say that they need to replace some of their furnishings as they are: too oversized; too dark; outdated for the younger buyers, but they don’t want to buy new modern furniture; too worn, but they are not ready to replace as they have small children and/or pets; have not had a chance to furnish a room, and other times because they used the living room as a play room, office and need to make it that very important “first impression” living room again. Very often this means changing the function of a space, improving “flow”, creating a more spacious feel, refocusing to spot light selling features, or updating to best market it to target buyers. So we are renaming this form of occupied staging, “Occupied Staging Transformation”, as we are getting more and more requests for this type of occupied staging. This is an example where we brought in our own staging inventory of furniture, artwork and accessories to do just that.

Want to see some more examples? Here is an album we created with some of these transformations, click the link below:



Ginny Truyens, from Feels Like Home 2 Me is a Toronto Home Staging professional who loves helping her clients get a high return on their largest financial investment. Designing spaces that potential buyers will “Feel Like Home” to them, is essential in selling a property in today’s competitive real estate market. Feels Like Home 2 Me is an award winning staging company offering vacant and occupied staging services to Mississauga, Oakville, Georgetown, Milton, Brampton, Etobicoke and High Park. To book a consultation, or to find out more about Feels Like Home 2 Me, visit us  at www.FeelsLikeHome2Me.com or call us 416-669-2335


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