Maximize The Equity In Your Property…Attract a Buyer Quickly.

Feels Like Home 2 Me offers  full service staging solutions for both occupied and vacant properties.

Occupied Staging

Occupied Staging is where we use whatever items current home owners have that will work well to sell each space in the home, and we will add additional rental pieces from our inventory to stage it to best appeal to the target buyers. The key to Occupied Staging is that it still needs to compete with the homes on the market place that are staged with on trend furniture, so Feels Like Home 2 Me, will often make the recommendations of rental furniture and/or artwork, accessories and additional lighting, to create a ‘wow’ factor, when needed.

Vacant Staging

Vacant Staging is where the home owners have already moved from the property taking their belongings with them, or investors  who want to best showcase their newly renovated property, as well as builders looking to stage a model home or suite.   Feels Like Home 2 Me Staging specializes in working in this environment. We create a custom design plan and select furniture, art work and accessories from our warehouse to create living spaces that attract the target buyers.

Click on the photo for an example of a occupied home staging.

Occupied Staging Services

Click on the photo for an example of a vacant home staging.

Vacant Staging Services