Staging Your Toronto Rental Property

19 Jan Staging Your Toronto Rental Property



Many of you already know the huge benefits of staging your Toronto/ GTA West property for sale, diagnosis

primarily being you can sell it faster and for more money.

Did you know there are many incredible benefits in staging your rental property?

Here is an interview I did for Rogers TV, with Mark Vosylius, on Your Money & Real Estate, to discuss these benefits

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Click here to view show>>>   Staging for Profits – Newmarket – Rogers TV



Nov 3 2014

 Home staging is a highly effective marketing tool that merchandizes your property for sale or rent.

Professional Home Stagers know how to strategically market your Toronto property,

using techniques that hi lite the selling features and appeal to the target demographic buyer or renter.

The key is knowing who your “ideal tenant” is for each unique Toronto, GTA West rental property.

{Stay tuned for Part Two where we finish the Top 5 Benefits to Staging Your Toronto/ GTA West Rental Property}


Ginny Truyens, from Feels Like Home 2 Me is a Toronto Home Staging professional who loves helping her clients get a high return on their largest financial investment.  Designing spaces that potential buyers will “Feel Like Home” to them, is essential in selling a property in today’s competitive real estate market.    To book a consultation, or to find out more about Feels Like Home 2 Me,  visit us @ or call us 416-669-2335

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