Top 10 Reasons to Stage A Vacant Property

11 May Top 10 Reasons to Stage A Vacant Property

1. Vacant properties can sit 72% longer on the market, than those that have been staged.

2. According to NAR 2015 Report, staged vacant properties can sell for 10-20% more. With the full staging package of rental inventory, staging services and delivery fees being , on average, less than 1% of list price of a property, that is a substantial return on your investment!

3. Even the most beautifully built/renovated vacant properties can leave buyers feeling emotionally unattached. Properties are selected and narrowed down based on practical criteria, but purchased based on emotion.

4. Vacant properties leave most questioning the function, size and use of the rooms. Open concept spaces are particularly challenging to visualize if left empty.

5. Without any furnishing, buyers will move pretty quickly through a viewing; however fully staged, will linger more, which is always advantageous when selling. Buyers linger 40 minutes, on average, in a furnished home.

6. Vacant spaces can also draw attention to any small imperfection in the home, with the eye going to these instead of the great selling features.

7. With only 10% of people able to visualize the potential of a space, vacant properties leave 90% of potential buyers not seeing the full value of the home.

8. Carrying costs alone can add up with longer days on the market.

9. Staging is much less expensive and much more effective than your first price reduction!

10. Model homes have helped new build construction homes sell for decades~ create a model home appeal with the showcasing that staging a vacant space will provide. Staging helps to market a lifestyle that buyers desire.



Ginny Truyens, from Feels Like Home 2 Me is a Toronto Home Staging professional who loves helping her clients get a high return on their largest financial investment. Designing spaces that potential buyers will “Feel Like Home” to them, is essential in selling a property in today’s competitive real estate market. Feels Like Home 2 Me is an award winning staging company offering vacant and occupied staging services to Mississauga, Oakville, Georgetown, Milton, Brampton, Etobicoke and High Park. To book a consultation, or to find out more about Feels Like Home 2 Me, visit us  at or call us 416-669-2335

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