Occupied Staging

Transforming your property to Attract Buyers.


Feels Like Home 2 Me offers staging solutions to prepare and merchandise your (lived in) occupied property.


The Staging Consultation – Feels Like Home 2 Me offers a detailed Action Plan, where room by room, recommendations are made to prepare the property for sale.


Completing the Action Plan – It is important to complete all recommendations, as this is where the buyer will chip away at the asking price, if they feel they have work to do prior to moving in.


Staging the Property – Using optimum furniture placement, artwork, lighting, decorative accessories, colour mapping, and other strategic design and psychological selling elements, we will create the “WOW” factor that will attract buyers and offers.

Step One:

Staging Consultation


We will walk through your property with you, analyzing each room from a buyer’s perspective, and then create an action plan to get you market ready. Up to 2 hours of on site expert advice sharing tips we have learned over years of assisting home sellers in the GTA.  



Our Process:

Homeowners walk through with a certified stager using our comprehensive Feels Like Home 2 Me Market Ready Form™ to fill in during the assessment of their home.
During the consultation valuable information is shared by the staging consultant creating a list of recommendations that may include:  editing suggestions (what to keep, what to move, what to remove), cost effective updates, paint colours, organization, cleaning and curb appeal suggestions.

All recommendations are made with a view to a high return on your investment.

A priority list will be reviewed at the end of the consultation.

Helpful checklists are also included with each consultation package, as well as paint colour selections, if needed.

We will provide solutions to work with your budget, timeline and available resources.


Step Three:

Our STAGING SHOWCASING Packages Include:


Planning & Design Expertise of our lead stylist

Rental of quality, on trend furniture, (sofas, dining set,headboards, etc) selected for your target demographic

Rental of accessories (lighting, artwork, toss pillows, etc) to draw buyers through to the features of the property

Packing & Delivery of Furniture & Accessories

Showcase Set Up & Stylizing of the Property

De-staging & Removal of Staging Inventory


How we can help you:


Our staging services benefit sellers of occupied properties in many different scenarios. Sometimes only staging enhancements are needed, other times a complete transformation, and sometimes a blend of both is what is required to get the best return on the staging investment.  *minimum  1/2 day staging service


To find out more about staging enhancements click here:

Occupied Staging Enhancement


To find out more about staging transformations click here:

Occupied Staging Transformation


Completing the 3-Step Process is what really attracts buyers to put an offer in. This final step is where our team of certified/insured staging professionals will return to your home, after all of the recommendations have been completed, and transform it, often within a day, giving it that “wow factor”, creating a look that today’s buyers desire, using proven real estate staging techniques that highlight the selling features as well as lifestyle selling techniques that appeal to the target buyer’s aspirations and emotions.


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