Vacant Services

Even the most beautifully built/renovated vacant properties can leave buyers feeling emotionally unattached and questioning the function, size and use of the rooms. Model homes have been selling new builds for many years for these very reasons. Without any furnishing, buyers will move pretty quickly through a viewing; however fully staged, will linger more, which is always advantageous when selling. Vacant spaces can also draw attention to any small imperfection in the home, with the eye going to these instead of the great selling features. With only 10% of people able to visualize the potential of a space, vacant properties leave 90% of potential buyers not seeing the full value of the home. Properties that are staged sell for more than their vacant competition and up to 70% faster. With the full staging package of rental inventory, staging services and delivery fees being , on average, less than 1% of list price of a property, that is a substantial return on your investment!

Whether you have an investment property, model home, rental units, estate sale, relocation, or have moved from your home, staging your vacant Toronto, Greater Toronto property, is a great short term investment that offers a high return. Carrying costs alone can add up with longer days on the market. Our staging stats demonstrate that our vacant staging specialty can be a great benefit to you. What is next? Contact us here or by phone (416-669-2335) to set up a vacant estimate appointment. Feels Like Home 2 Me will come out to view the property, take notes, measurements and photos and prepare a staging proposal, which can be emailed within 48 hours. We specialize in Vacant Home Staging and offer our expertise in turning vacant luxury properties, open concept, awkward layouts, large and small spaces into highly desired properties that will set you apart from your competition. Feels Like Home 2 Me has a spacious warehouse full of everything you need to stage a vacant property: furniture, artwork, bedding, lighting and accessories. We look forward to enhancing your vacant property and dressing it for its new buyer!